LYNCA is a numerical control family integrating modern Motion and Logic Control technologies. Beside proposing our regular products, we are particularly interested in providing our customers engineering and advanced control solution support that may not be realised with a standard control solution. Integrating new technologies, making the difference, affoarding challenges to realise original and performent control solutions represent our added value and motivation. The end-user customers satisfaction, the originality and competitivity are always our main objectives.


LYNCA is a Linux based real-time control platform developed by Bilko Automation since late 90’s. First implemented on Digital Signal Processors, LYNCA – CNC followed rapidely the evolution of the CNC technologies towards the modern PC platforms. LYNCA – CNC is one of the pioneers in this domain running under Real-Time LINUX operating systems since 2000. Over the years LYNCA – CNC has been sucessfully integrated in modern development platform and field buses.

Why choose a LYNCA - CNC Solution Today ?

  • Reliable Hardware
    LYNCA products has a failure rate less 0.3 %
  • High Performance and Flexibility
    LYNCA – CNC Multicore architecture allows scalable speed. Double CPU versions including also the Windows provides even much advanced solutions.
  • Open Architecture
    Since the beginning LYNCA – CNC has been designed with an open architecture approach integrating both an advanced ISO Motion language editor – extended with several additionnal features – and a IEC-1131 compliant PLC with built-in C compiler. That makes of LYNCA – CNC a very fast and flexible control platform.

Thanks to its openness and performance advantages, LYNCA – CNC always appears as a very attractive platform to realise an advanced control solution.

  • Engineering support
    LYNCA – CNC team is proud of developing in very reasonable terms completely new solutions never experimented. Beside, our customers benefits of these openness to develop in their R&D environment their own functionalities and interfaces.
  • Availability and fast delivery
    With our regular customers, the average delivery terms is about 2 weeks. LYNCA – CNC has never faced component shortage.