LYNCA RMC-B5 Modular RTU boards:

  • DI-16: Digital Input Board
  • DO-16: Digital Output Board
  • AIPT-6: Analog Input Board
  • AO-4: Analog Output Board (*)
  • RS485-1: RS485 & Prog. Board
  • RS232-2: RS232 COM Board
  • EtherCAN-3: Ethernet & CAN Board (*)
  • PWR-533: Main Power Board
  • CPU-A32: CPU Board
  • BP-5/8/10: Backplane (*)

(*): Optional

Long Distance Digital I/O Transmission

The transmission of digital I/O signals between a master and a slave station is the typical configuration of remote supervision and
control applications. RMC-B5 provides very efficient and economical solution for large number of remote I/O signal transmission.

In the master station, a RMC-B5 run in “Modbus Master” mode and at the remote station another RMC-B5 is used in “Modbus slave” mode. Two radio modems make the radio connection. Point to point communication distance may reach 50 km (depending on modems and geographical conditions).

Since RMC-B5 is an intelligent unit, it’s possible to program it to easily access any remote field equipment. RMC-B5 can also be used for cost effective and flexible I/O extension module or as a protocol conversion module in various SCADA projects.

Technical specs
Power Supply (Logic)7 VDC - 36 VDC
Power Consumption (for logic)90 mA nominal
Current Consumption for Digital Inputs (at standby)20 mA
Current Consumption for Digital Outputs (at standby)40 mA
CPU Isolated Side Power Consumption @24VDC90 mA
Ambient Temperature Range-20 °C … +60 °C
Storage Temperature Range-40 °C … +70 °C
Dimensions197.7 mm x 112.4 mm x 111.9 mm